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Flying high, sinking low

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What I did

August was packed with long hours, new challenges and exciting opportunities.

  • We announced an Industry-first partnership with Bumble, the online dating app, which will see us offer Bloom to their users who experience sexual assault. There was a tight turnaround for this as we were launching a survey for their Members so there were many long days from all members of the team. Special shout out to Zoe, Naomi, Beatriz, Kim, Nooreen, Dama and Hogan Lovells (our pro-bomo support for legal matters). …

Moving towards a synthesis of team input for an organisational strategy

We’re looking for your contributions.

Our most extensive interviewing process to date.

A watering can with Chayn’s logo is watering a pink coloured brain that is sprouting flowers, leaves and a heart. The brain is on top of a globe.

Originally written for and published at the Catalyst.

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How to get the best out of me.

Conditions I like to work in

  • I like a mix of quiet and vibrant…

What I did

  • I wrote our first Board of Trustees package. It was painstakingly slow to write but we did something different. Dama suggested we ask the volunteers to record short videos explaining how different projects work and then I added more details in the written package. This way they get to meet the people in the team!
  • We hosted a farewell party for our tech leads who are both moving on to do other roles. Both have been with us for two years or more. We played Codenames online and had a blast. Highly recommended!
  • I took part in a session for…

Hera Hussain

Building communities. Feminist. Pakistani. Founder @chaynHQ & CEO fighting gender-based violence with tech. Championing openness. Forbes & MIT Under 30/35.

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