AVA, Chayn and DOT PROJECT are exploring opportunities for shared infrastructure

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On Sohbat — learning by association.

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What I did

  • Inductions continue for new staff members! We’re creating an Onboarding guide which includes Checklists so we don’t forget to induct new team members like last month (oops).
  • We’ve been organising a fairly complex recruitment plan for Bloom which involves a roster of therapists, translators and facilitators on top of our…

Flying high, sinking low

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What I did

  • We announced an Industry-first partnership with Bumble, the online dating app, which will see us offer Bloom to their users who experience sexual assault. There was a tight turnaround for this as we were launching a survey for their…

Moving towards a synthesis of team input for an organisational strategy

Our most extensive interviewing process to date.

A watering can with Chayn’s logo is watering a pink coloured brain that is sprouting flowers, leaves and a heart. The brain is on top of a globe.

Hera Hussain

Building communities. Feminist. Pakistani. Founder @chaynHQ & CEO fighting gender-based violence with tech. Championing openness. Forbes & MIT Under 30/35.

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