Weeknotes 35

Good farewells and sunny days

What I did

  • Writing up the organisational strategy. It’s a month late because of the pressures of the podcast project and unexpected hiring and offboarding of staff.
  • Checking scripts for the podcast which after the news of the week before had an extremely short deadline for completion before recording in the first days of April.
  • Calls with new and existing funders.
  • Mentoring and management check-ins with staff.
  • Deep-diving into liability insurance.
  • Offboarding staff.
  • A farewell party for Flora, Raana and Anna!
  • What was your experience of the organisation, peers, management and the role?
  • Leadership and peer reacts to feedback
  • Leadership and peer feedback back to the employee about their style of working, skills, experience, progression in the role and room for growth
  • Employee reacts to Leadership and peer feedback
  • We discuss ways the employee can or wants to remain involved after they leave

What I learned

  • Offboardings are important, both for the employee and the organisation. In every organisation I’ve left, I have remained involved in one way or the other. Whether it is through long-term mentoring of my replacements or still spreading news of the organisation by remaining part of the community. We’ve only started employing staff recently so I’ve not had the chance to properly write up and implement an offboarding process. Kim and Nooreen are on it though! Withing the exit interview, the employee said she had never had one like this where there was so much positive feedback and energy. And that was so nice to hear. Afterwards, Kim sent me this. It really made my day and I talked about it with my leadership coach too.
  • No matter how confident and self-assured I am, hearing compliments really does add a spring in my step. It’s nice to know others think you’re doing a good job. I should think about each compliment as a flower. I need to collect and cherish each one for my bouquet of dreams!

Something else



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Hera Hussain

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