Weeknotes 38

Climbing the fundraising mountain and paying the cost of vulnerability

What I did

Launch of Less Than 2 Percent in London


Nurturing team

Celebrating wins

  • Chayn’s strategy for 2022–25. All of you contributed to it so I hope you like going through it and spot some reflection of it in the documents.
  • Less Than 2 Percent podcast. In some ways, this was the most challenging project of my career and I’m so happy to have launched it with such a blast in UsTwo offices in London to an almost full house. The project is now up for 3 Lovie Awards. Find us under Best Co-Hosts, Public Service and Activism, & Crime and Justice Episode! Vote by 6th October.
  • Orbits — a global field guide to advance intersectional, survivor-centred, and trauma-informed interventions to technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TGBV). We worked on this with End Cyber Abuse and it took 16 months and consultations with dozens of experts across the world to complete it.

What I learned

Fundraising’s impact on the well-being of executives

Generosity and cold hands

A lot of people like transparency in principle but don’t like or understand it when it’s implemented

Vulnerability comes with a cost

Everyone wants everything right away but that doesn’t mean I have to provide it

Culture misalignment in the organisation

My team appreciates and adores me.

Something else



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Hera Hussain

Building communities. Feminist. Pakistani. Founder @chaynHQ & CEO fighting gender-based violence with tech. Championing openness. Forbes & MIT Under 30/35.